Pleased to lead the way in Taiwan aiming at the global pharmaceutical market

About TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TWi) is a technology-based special pharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of "Niche Generics" drugs with a regional focus on the US market. Unlike the common generic drugs, developing niche generic drugs require a full array of expertise, including advanced scientific research, process development, patent analysis, regulatory compliances, and market and competition analysis. TWi focuses on the development of the following two categories of niche generic drugs:

  • Paragraph IV:
    For generic drugs, Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) are filed with US FDA for approval. These ANDAs are categorized into 4 categories - Paragraph I, II, III and IV. TWi's specialty is in the application of Paragraph IV (PIV) drugs which require strong science and technical know-how. Using our expertise in designing innovative alternative formulation, TWi is able to challenge or bypass the originator's patent protection and to provide patients with drugs which have the same efficacy and quality as the branded drugs at a lower cost prior to the brand drugs' patent expiration.
  • Generics with High Technical Barriers:
    For some drugs, although the patent protection for those drugs has already well expired, these drugs are still oligopolized by the original brand company and/or a limited number of generic companies due to high technical or other entry barriers. This type of drugs is also the key development focus for TWi.

Corporate Philosophy

The key to TWi's success is based on 4 elements: Innovation, Integrity, Intelligence, and International. As a specialty pharmaceutical company, TWi thrives on overcoming technical challenges and innovations. At TWi, with our unique ability to integrate various kinds of expertise from R&D all the way to commercial production, we believe that it is our social responsibility to provide high quality and affordable generic and new drugs for patients worldwide.

Corporate Goal

TWi intends to establish itself as a Taiwan-based global pharmaceutical company and to compete in the international market along with its strategic partners. We plan to create sustainable profits with our high technical barrier generic drugs pipeline in the near term. For the mid to long term goal, we plan to create higher growth and value for our shareholders with our new/branded drugs pipeline.